Sedona is a present day priestess dedicated to the art of sacred living. She is an ordained minister, ritualist and multi-dimensional medicine woman. She has spent her lifetime studying metaphysics and working with the esoteric realms. She offers space clearings, invocations, and goddess guidance readings, as well as rituals, rites of passage, and ceremonial celebrations.

Ritual and ceremony is a lost art that is currently undergoing a very needed rebirth. Rituals are a sacred container that assist us in bringing more awareness to the meaningful and magical transitions of our life dance. They help us to acknowledge and consciously align with the divine nature of daily living. Working with focused intentions and sacred symbolism in a physically outward ceremony can create a profound and empowering transformation in the inner realms. Sedona will work with you personally to create a heart-centric and illuminating ritual to honor you and support the movement and change in your life.

* Rituals and ceremony topics may include weddings, relationship and career changes, moving in and out, purification, goddess birthday celebrations, Magick Moon Time celebration and ceremony (for newly bleeding young women) wholy-days and seasonal changes, new ventures, abundance and success, womb clearing, health and healing, anything that feels significant and special to you!

* Also available: Goddess Guidance readings for your special event