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Listed below is a sample of Sedona’s many workshop offerings. She teaches a wide variety of topics and is able to work with you to find the perfect offering for your festival or event.

:{ Intro to Belly Dance }:

perfect for someone new to Belly Dance or dancers of other genres looking to add some Belly Dance into their style. Sedona will teach all of the foundational isolations and movements and begin to work on the infamous “SHIMMY”.

:{ Stage Presence and Showmanship }:

Captivate, Connect, SHINE!!! tips, technique and theories to help one to own their stage, overcome stage fright, connect with the audience and make the most of their movement.

:{ FAN-tastic Fan Veils }:

Learn to perform with Belly Dancing's latest and greatest new prop. Technique, combinations and a mini choreography!

:{ Interesting Isolations }:

Move beyond the basic hip and chest isolation's!! In this workshop we will explore much unique and innovative isolation. We will access our hands, head, arms, hips, belly, shoulders, legs and feet to create interesting new patterns which will enhance your ability to accent musical cues and expand your drum solo repertoire.

:{ Creative Combos }:

Innovative movement patterns to spice up your dance! In this workshop you will learn some of Sedona's Signature Themed Combos.

:{ Drum Solo Choreography }:

Short and sweet 2 – 3 minute drum solo choreography.

:{ Skills and Drills }:

A challenging workshop filled with drills, drills, drills to help clean up your technique, sharpen isolations and get a Rockin shimmy!!

:{ Drama Mama }:

Dramatic Combos, Sassy Steps and Expressive Movement for all Levels and Styles of Belly Dance So many dancers get stuck performing just 'moves' or 'technique'. In this workshop we will explore how to be a dramatic dancer and express emotions.

:{ Super Shimmies }:

Shimmies are one of the most impressive yet challenging movements in a belly dance repertoire. In this workshop we will go through a clear and concise break down of the Egyptian style hip shimmy and shoulder shimmy. We will dance through an extended shimmy session to help increase the endurance and velocity of your shimmy. Finally, we will begin to add exciting and challenging shimmy layers and level changes. The workshops begins with a full-body, classical dance based conditioning workout, designed to create a long and strong dancers body.
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:{ Unveil The Mystery }:

In this workshop we will focus on belly dance’s most classic prop, the veil. You will get clear and concise breakdowns of veil posture, technique, and 20 unique movements and variations. All of the movements can stand on their or own or seam together to create a lovely 20 part veil choreography.
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:{ Classic Cabaret Entrance Choreo }:

In this workshop you will learn a Classic Cabaret entrance choreography. The piece starts with a veil dance, then moves on to showcase some classic oriental stylization. Learning this choreography will help to improve your musicality and transitions as well as introduce you to some beautiful and innovative cabaret style movements and combos.

:{ Cabaret Flow Fusion Choreo }:

This unique, fun and challenging choreography  is rooted in the gorgeous feminine expression of Cabaret Style Belly dance with fusions of Classical Indian, African and Western Modern dance esthetics. It combines up tempo shimmy variations and layers, beautiful flowing movements,  lovely lines, and solid isolations. This original choreography moves from soft and sensual to fast and furious, poised and perfect to strong and sharp. Learning this diverse choreography will provide a wonderful way to work on innovative techniques, transitions and musicality.

:{ Sacredness in Dance }:

Dance and song are the most ancient forms of worship, prayer, devotion and celebration. At this moment in time many dancers are feeling drawn to the sacred nature of eastern dances and instinctively feel that their dance performance or practice is so much more than a mere “work-out” or “entertainment”.  Our dance journey can in fact be a deeply spiritual experience; dance is a powerful practice that unites our three fold nature of body, mind and spirit allowing ourselves to express what cannot be expressed through another medium. It opens us up to something greater and provides us with the ability to self-heal, reflect and connect.  

In this spirited workshop we will explore how  our dance practice and performance can serve as an offering of our most authentic selves  towards the sacred and positive intentions of our choosing. We will spend time cultivating deep honor of our divine vessel  ~ THE BODY TEMPLE. We will practice a chakra cleanse and balance through Belly Dance movement.  We will attune to and express the sacred rhythms of our bodies as well as divine feminine archetypal energies.  Together we will create our own personal dance Pranam (reverential salutation) and discuss setting sacred performance/practice space.  We will also explore how the components of sisterhood, pure intention, and community all play an important role in our magical dance experience. We will move, flow, breath, share, and visualize; this workshop is sure to be food for the dancing soul, leaving us feeling connected, in tune and ready to call the sacred into our dance and our lives.