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Listed below is a sample of Sedona’s many workshop offerings. She teaches a wide variety of topics and is able to work with you to find the perfect offering for your festival or event.

:{ Sacred Belly Dance }:

In this workshop we will dive into the transformational qualities of this ancient women’s’ practice. Through the glorious wave-like undulations, serpentine movements, spirals, infinite loops, and full body vibrations we will dance our way into fully-embodied brilliance. This sacred dance form provides direct access to our power center; activating our creative potential, enhancing our intuition and connecting us with our divine source of power!

:{ Chakra Clearing and Balancing through Dance }:

So many of the foundational Eastern Dance Movements and Isolations take place in, around, and from our chakra centers. In this safe and explorative workshop we use these ancient movements to clear ourselves of anything unneeded and unwanted then undulate, shimmy and dance our way into perfect centered balance.

:{ ISIS Invocation and Dance Ritual }:

ISIS – All that is, all that ever was, and all that shall be. This Great Mother Egyptian Goddess is ever present, ready to fill our lives with her power, love and grace. Hailed the Goddess of 10,000 names , Isis radiates  ALL aspects of the Divine Feminine. Each person will have a very unique and personal experience with her presences. For some she may manifest as the all loving, nurturing and compassionate mother, some may feel her raw and mighty ferocity, some may be connected to her priestesshood of sacred sexuality and  some her deep, eternal and all knowing wisdom stream. But for all she is THERE, She IS the breath of life. We will start this ISIS invocation and ritual with an opening offering ceremony, humbly requesting her presence. We will then work with an Egyptian Alchemical breath work practice called “Rising the Single Serpent”, known to be practiced by ancient ISIS priestesshoods. After this, we move into sacred symbolic dance movements that will call her presence into our lives, opening the way for us to embody her DIVINE energy. Aset*Aset*Aset*

:{ “Dance of Feminine Divine” A DANCE RITUAL }:

Through MUDRA (ancient energetic locks and symbols) YANTRA (sacred geometry) and TANTRA (energy of our embodiment),  we will invoke the three fold flame of sacred femininity  – Our Power, Love and Wisdom. Through intentional and conscious movements we will embody our multifaceted Divine Feminine Archetypes and dance the sacred story of Woman’s cosmic cycles.

:{ Divine Feminine Fusion Flow }:

This dynamic movement practice combines pranayama, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, Odissi Temple Dance and Sacred Belly Dance. It is designed to attune our mind, bodies and spirits to the Sacred Feminine’s archetypal essences. Through Yogic postures, exercises and ancient dance technologies we will cleanse, clear and balance our chakra system and experience our radiant FULLNESS as we embody multi-faceted aspects of Divine Feminine Energy.

:{ Ignite your Internal Flame }:

Drawing on the traditions of Kundalini Yoga, Odissi Temple Dance and Sacred Belly Dance we will create a strong heat in the body to purify the mind and body! You will be lead through a series of vigorous exercises practiced in Odiss to warm the body and get the blood flowing. We will then drop deep into the 1st and 2nd Charka’s and through a series of pelvis and hip movements stoke our internal flame!!

:{ Belly Dance for Young Women }:

For many years young women of various cultures have benefited from the amazing art of Belly Dance. Now it's YOUR turn!! In this class we will connect with the sacred and ancient roots of the dance along with learning fun isolations, steps and combos. Let's gather with our sisters and SHAKE IT UP!!! For young women, ages 12 – 18.

:{ Belly Dance for Kids }:

Shimmy, Shimmy, Shake, Shake, Shake, Now Move Your Belly Like a Snake!! We will use Belly Dance as our inspiration for this fun, creative movement class. Sedona will provide sparkles, bindis and hip scarves.

:{ Mother Daughter Belly Dance }:

“And thou shalt in thy daughter see, this picture, once, resembled thee.” The mother daughter relationship is one of the most magical and yet complex. In this workshop Sedona will you guide through exercises to honor and love one another. Strengthen the bond by dancing for and with one another! A fun and simple mother- daughter duet choreography is taught at the end of the workshop.