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Sacred Dance

Temple Arts

Ritual Embodiment

Goddess Empowerment


Nourish your inner goddess

Vitalize your Priestess Power

Connect IN Sacred Authenticity

Enjoy the Blessing of your Body

Awaken Divine Feminine Presence on the Planet

Namaste Beloved! Thank you so much for visiting my sacred cyber space. I am here to support you and all sisters in experiencing and expressing your sacred selves to the FULLEST, in the HIGHEST as embodied, empowered Earth Goddesses!

I am so glad you are here, It is my deepest wish that our connection support and inspire you. In this dynamic moment in our human (r)evolution finding and maintaining vibrant and meaningful connections feels crucial. Please know that in this space you are honored, loved and cherished as the full spectrum being you are! I offer my work to you and to the world in honor of the mystery and magic of life itself.  May we ride the wild tides together, with open loving hearts, clarity of purpose and in empowered authenticity.

Moon rituaLS


Align with the power and wisdom of the lunar tides in ceremonious rites of release, revelation, renewal and radiance. Partner with Mother Moon to harness your co-creative priestess potential and make magick!

Priestess Dance TEMPLE


Join Sedona and sisters for a potent experience of embodied spiritual alchemy. Dive deep into the rich reservoirs of sacred dance, ritual magic and mystical movement modality.



Take online Bellydance classes
with Sedona!

Beginning to Advanced Levels

Technique, Drills, Theory, Choreography, Musicality and Props!

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You are a living flame on the altar of All That Is, 

A sacred soul spark of embodied divinity,

A unique and glimmering fractal facet on the luminous jewel of life.

Your illuminated presence is an integral part of the Whole.

Shine your light, Share your gifts, Speak your truth,

Show up fully for this wild wonder ride.

Let us walk together hand in hand and as we fearlessly follow

the flow of inspiration and help one another to choose:

acceptance over judgment, love over fear, optimism over pessimism,

celebration over commiseration, surrender over control, flow over fixity,

collaboration and cooperation over competition and comparison!

May we empower and inspire one another as fellow

Emissaries of Love, Enhancements of Beauty, Torchbearers of Truth.

I see you as the full spectrum miraculous

living matrix of mystical manifestation that you are!

I honor you beloved as my sacred soulfire reflection.

Let’s Light It Up!