Namaste Beloved! Thank you so much for visiting my sacred cyber space. I am here to support you and all sisters in experiencing and expressing your sacred selves to the FULLEST, in the HIGHEST as embodied, empowered Earth Goddesses!

I am so glad you are here, It is my deepest wish that our connection support and inspire you. In this dynamic moment in our human (r)evolution finding and maintaining vibrant and meaningful connections feels crucial. Please know that in this space you are honored, loved and cherished as the full spectrum being you are! I offer my work to you and to the world in honor of the mystery and magic of life itself.  May we ride the wild tides together, with open loving hearts, clarity of purpose and in empowered authenticity.

In a world that has been so drastically out of balance for so many years I am committed to restoring inner and outer harmony in myself, my life, my community and in the world. I desire to help any and all others do the same!

Primarily I work with the feminine. I believe the world is desperately in need of the medicine of the awakened, embodied feminine. When we as women stand in radical reverence of the wild and complex creatures that we are, owning and honoring our infinite loving capacity, our vast creative power and our profound inner wisdom then we send this empowerment out into the world, for all women, all humans, all life. May we weave wonders together, for ourselves personally and for the collective!

I hold the vision that every human on planet Earth know the truth of their sacred soul essence and walk through this world in trust, love and confidence, aware of our interconnectedness, holding reverence for all of life.

I do my work in the rich realms of ritual, community circle, cyclical magic, art, movement and DANCE. Our bodies are divine instruments, transformational tools of high alchemy. I am here to offer encouragement, support and inspiration on your personal journey of conscious, confident, connected awakening.  

I teach weekly dance classes, sacred movement workshops and host ritual retreats; in addition to in person events I also offer online resources here on my site.  As an ordained minister and ritual priestess I hold community ceremony and circle and as a performing artist it is my joy to share my own synthesis of eastern dance expression in a multitude of ways.

In whatever way we end up deepening our connection,  I want you to know that I am excited and so grateful for YOU!

May we flourish and thrive in LOVE!

Many bright blessings