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New Moon New Years Global Womanifestation Ritual

Join me for a New Moon New Years Womanifestation Ritual! 

New Moon Weekend Jan. 4th - 6th JOIN HERE

This is a global online experience! Join from anywhere! 

~ Clarify and empower your intentions through New Moon Manifestation Ritual

~ Access, conjure and direct supportive energies to carry you through 2019

~ Enliven your co-creative Shakti Superpowers of Womanifestation 

~ Connect and be held in the supportive synergy of global sister circle!

Your desires are divine! Are you treating them as the holy expressions of spirit that they are? Are you honing and honoring them as sacred gifts of the goddess? You are the weaver, you are the web! This New Moon New Years manifestation ceremony is an opportunity to evoke your moon priestess power, create sacred space and ritualistically encode and entwine your dreams into the universal matrix of reality.

New Moon is the most fertile and auspicious time to come back to center, get clear and VISION. It is a time of new beginnings, seed sowing and intention setting.

The start of the New Year is also a compelling time as there is a collective surge of optimism and readiness to have a fresh start;  Together in sacred sister circle we will align with this amplified energetic moment and clarify and charge our 2019 dream visions! We will move way beyond the standard superficial “less-than” based “resolutions” into a magnetic space of intentional alchemy.  We will be working with color frequency, sacred geometry and spoken invocation as we open the portal of possibility and weave our dreams and desires into the wonder web of potential.

Energy goes were intention flows! This ritual weekend offers a dynamic opportunity to become clear about what it is you really WANT as you focus your attention, deepen into goddess wisdom, awaken your priestess prowess, connect in sister circle  and open the way towards the realization of that which you are calling in.

The powerful  energies of yogic goddesses Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati will be invoked to vitalize your intentions and support you in the mystical process of manifestation. Each of these goddesses enriching and unique signature frequencies will be awakened and activated through mantra, mudra and sacred symbol.

This 3 Day Ritual will include:

* New Moon Manifestation Video Ritual

* Radiant ReNEWal “Guided audio meditation

* Seeds of Intention Ritual Embodiment Flow

* One (optional) ceremonial sister circle call

recordings available for those that cannon make it

* Ritual weekend PDF packet 

* Shared connection and sister support in our secret FB group.

$44.00 : This includes all ritual media materials (audio and video) and full present personal support in the group. See this as a beautiful investment in yourself and in your year. It will undeniably be an amazing gift that will keep on giving. 

HOW THIS WORKS: You can register for the ritual now with this link:

On New Years Day I will send out a code and access link that will get you all of the materials and entrance into our group.