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The Priesstess Dance Temple Immersion is a 2 ½ day immersion (18-20 hours), typically it begins on a Friday evening and goes through two full days on Saturday and Sunday. It is a enlivening weekend of divine acknowledgment and dynamic activation. Honouring and empowering our bodies, our dance, our breath, our being and accessing the highest potential of our innate feminine ability to amplify, transmute and transmit frequency.

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Our women’s bodies are profound instruments of power, through intentional awareness, breath and movement (dance) we can access this power and consciously work with and through it. We can open portals of catalyst, change, renewal, and actualization both for ourselves personally and for the collective.

This immersion offers the tools for each woman to have direct response and immediate experience with the great goddess streams of wisdom and capability that naturally course through her own beingness.

Our embodiment is our deepest blessing, literally infused with the power of creation itself. The ritual dance, temple arts, ceremony and synergistic sisterhood circle that will be the flesh and bones of this immersion will allow us to awaken and cultivate this energy, directing it towards heart-centric manifestations and offering it up as an etheric elixir of inspiration to ourselves and the world at large.

We will not only do this work in time over the course of the intensive, but this weekend will also provide you the foundational tools, practices and experiences to continue to deepen within your own personal unfolding.

There once was a time when the historical roles of temple dancer, sacred artist and ecstatically embodied priestess were honoured and revered.

These women shared their dance and embodiment as an offering to the community; the transmissions of divine frequency that flowed through were seen as valuable and integral aspects of a harmonious whole.

We now stand at a pivotal moment in our human evolution when so many sacred women’s roles are undergoing a vibrant reclaiming. There is a deep need on our planet for the medicine of empowered, embodied feminine expression. Our dance and our art, our work can serve as so much more than a ‘distraction” mere entertainment or a means to an end but instead as an intensification of the divinely distilled down essence of LIFE ITSELF, which when experienced either as the dancer or witness can connect us into the Universal Rhythm of The One Heart.

As a dancer or performing artist, this intensive will guide you in clarifying your devotional intent, tuning the extraordinary instrument of YOU and moving your work into the sacred space of high-frequency alchemical transmission.

As a women, this weekend will offer the opportunity to deepen within the miraculous power of your own embodiment. To attune, clear and open the crystal channel vessel of Self (big S) To be nourished by the creative force the that lies at the center of your womanly well-springs, to playfully explore your own dynamic multifaceted nature and embody the full spectrum being you are!!

Lets face it, we are all in motion, we are all dancing, Life Is A Dance and we are integrating and sending out frequency with every thought, word, movement and interaction.

When we dance through life CONSIOUSLY and CONFIDENTALY within ourselves we anchor consciousness and confidence on the planet. It is now time to emerge form the dark world of feminine fear, repression and shaming. Each one of us that boldly and bravely begins to enjoy, honor and access the ecstasy, power and wisdom of our body temples is a great gift to the whole.

This is what we will do in The Divine Feminine Dance Temple. I would love to share in this with YOU..

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  • Introductions, Intention Setting
  • Lecture on Sacred Dance Lineages
  • The HerStory of The Dancing Priestess
  • Body Consecration Ceremony
  • Clearing the Crystal Vessel ~ Practices and Processes for opening and balancing the chakras, clearing the meridians and energetic pathways, Cultivating Shakti and preparing the body to serve a sacred instrument of transmission. Practices rooted in Belly Dance, Temple Dance, Yoga and Priestess Arts Lineages
  • Divine Feminine Temple Dance Ritual ~ A ceremonial fusion dance we learn over the course of the weekend, (accessible to all dance experience levels)  
  • Archetypal Exploration and Goddess Embodiment
  • Mudras, Symbols and Sacred Geometry
  • Intuitive Womb Dance ~ Connecting in with the primal pulse to move
  • Women’s Full Moon Sacred Dance Ritual, (A dance ritual of the Old Rites) through rhythmic movement, breath and drumming invoking a trance like state of expanded awareness for personal and collective release, revelation and raising frequency.
  • Pranam Creation ~ Creating an embodied reverential salutation to support you in staying connected and aligned with set intentions.
  • Intentional Symbolic Adornment ~ meaningful choices, and clarified purpose for your dress and jewelry.
  • Dicussion Topics - Offering/Transmission/Blessings vs “Entertainment” Cultivating Humble Confidence

This Intensive is for dancers and non-dancers; in this cosmic dance of life, really we are ALL dancers learning how to ebb and flow in grace with the universal harmonics.

This would be an enriching experience for ANY WOMEN desiring to deepen with herself and connect in with the profound power of her embodiment.

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