What do you desire in your life right now?

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Moon Border 1 - Blue.png

Your desires are divine! Are you treating them as the holy expressions of spirit that they are? Are you honing and honoring them as sacred gifts of the goddess? You are the weaver, you are the web! This full moon manifestation ceremony is an opportunity to evoke your moon priestess power, create sacred space and ritualistically encode and entwine your dreams into the universal matrix of reality.

Aligning with the amplified potency and illuminated energies of the Full Moon, this ritual will help you to clarify and charge your heartfelt intentions. We will be working with color frequency, sacred geometry and spoken invocation as you open the portal of possibility and weave your dreams and desires into the wonder web of potential.

The powerful energies of yogic goddesses Kali, Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati will be invoked to vitalize your intentions and support you in the mystical process of manifestation. Each of these goddesses enriching and unique signature frequencies will be awakened and activated through mantra, mudra and sacred symbol.

This full moon ceremony is a compelling act of high priestess magic. It is delivered in a lovely video format with a supplementary pdf packet.  The ritual video will open up an expanded space where you will then be guided through the sacred full moon rite.

Energy goes were intention flows! This ceremony offers a dynamic opportunity to become clear about what it is you really WANT as you focus your attention, deepen into goddess wisdom, awaken your priestess prowess and open the way towards the realization of that which you are calling in.

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The video runs approximately one hour in length. The ritual is to be performed on any FULL MOON (or one day before or after.) *Details on ritual items and preparation is given in the Ritual PDF Packet upon signing up for the ritual


  • Red, black and white cord or ribbon
  • Rose petals
  • Small amount of ash
  • Red, orange, yellow or gold candle
  • Lighter/Matches
  • Chimes/bells
  • Stick of incense or sage smudge
  • Chimes/bells
  • Glass of water/wine/food for sacrament
  • Paper with you intentions
  • Any tools or ingredients to clear, charge space
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