Raise your vibration

Activate your luminosity

Ignite the power of your magnetic presence!

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Moon Border 1 - Blue.png

This radiance ritual will help you to remember the light truth of:

  • Who you are: an earthly representative of the creative force!
  • What you are: a luminously glorious embodiment of Divine Source Energy!
  • And what you are here to do: cultivate, conjure and share your unique ray of love, light, and divine feminine medicine with the world

The ritual serves as a most magical way to come home to your sparkling source-self, to flourish and be nourished in the light of your sacred feminine glow.

Through anointing, candle magic, spoken affirmation and potent Goddess invocation you will open the way to activating and experiencing your innately lustrous essence.

The Ritual guides you in stepping into the illuminated power portal of the present to dance in communion with the glimmering frequencies of lunar goddesses: Artemis, Selene, Qaun Yin, Lakshmi and Auset (Isis).  Although this ritual is not born of any specific lineage, it is Tantric in the sense that we will be focusing on each of the Goddesses specific attributes and unique archetypal energies. We do this ceremoniously so that we come to the experiential understanding that these Goddesses are not separate entities but in fact aspects of ourselves.

This ritual is perfect to do anytime you feel you need a boost, It is a wondrous (and fun) way to honor yourself as the powerful wise, loving and radiant embodied moon goddess of flesh and form that you are! This is a potent process that will not only attune you to the wisdom of the moon, the lunar goddesses and the harmony of natures cycles (as all positively intended moon rituals do) but it is also an excellent way to clear and transform any emotional, psychic, and/or mental toxicity (your own or that taken on from another or the collective energies).

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The ritual is to be performed on any FULL MOON (or one day before or after.)  *Details on ritual items and preparation is given in the Ritual PDF Packet upon signing up for the ritual. 


  • 7 Candles (tea lights or votives would work great)
  • lighter  
  • a dark colored scarf or shawl,
  • anointing oil
  • moonwater to drink, moonwater to spritz,
  • eyeliner, makeup/paint (to draw on the brow/face, silver, white or blue optimal)



  • 40 minute Moon Goddess Radiance Ritual Video
  • a supplementary PDF packet
  • Making Magical Moon Water Video and
  • Activate Your Lunar Luminosity Audio Transmission -  this is a guided meditation & visualization where we work with the fire element to burn away anything heavy, stuck, stagnated or stale, then call upon the luminous moon frequencies to fill and charge our bodies and our lives.

~  All Soulfire Moon Rituals are an evocative media experience. The rituals are filmed in a beautiful temple environment. The ritual videos are interwoven with potent spoken wisdom transmissions, the ritual guidance, and clear read along affirmations and invocation. You may watch the video streaming with a wifi connection or download to watch where and how works best for you.

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