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Women are innately and intricately linked to the moon, our monthly and life cycles reflected so perfectly in her mysterious dance. For thousands of years, women have aligned with the moon to harness, direct and transform energy. We have an instinctive and powerful connection to moon energy and quite naturally can open into an expanded state of presence by one simple glance at her luminous glory.

In history a women’s connection to the moon was so prominently recognized that there were words to describe it!

In antiquity the words Mana and Luna were both words that represented the energetic essence of the moon as well as the moon itself. The elaborations of these words “maniac” and “lunatic” were actually complimentary words that specifically described a women’s wild, ecstatic, rapturous connection to the moon as well the ability she possessed to channel moon wisdom and power! Likewise, the word "silly" was actually a word that meant blessed, specifically by Moon Goddess Selene. Eventually these words were trivialized and given negative connotation, but they are a testament to our powerful women’s moon connection that still remains.

Honoring this connection and aligning with the moon through ritual and ceremony restores our most harmonious state of being. Moon Rituals will help you to create a sacred ceremonial space; A time and place to go deep, see beyond the surface of things into a wider, richer perspective of who we are and what we are doing here.

They will help you to cultivate awareness, clarify and direct intentional energy for release, revelation and magical manifestation.

Through focused intention and symbolic action, moon rituals offer us the opportunity to access our inner power, step into rhythm with the cosmic spiral dance and create positive transformation, moving into a more uplifted and connected state.  Rituals are truly alchemical experiences that inspire new patterns of response in our brains, our bodies and our lives.

All Soulfire Moon Rituals are delivered in video format with an accompanying PDF packet and often an audio mediation. The video is an evocative media experience that guides you through the ritual complete with powerful wisdom transmissions, goddess imagery, on screen affirmations and invocation plus the ceremonial guidance itself. You can watch the video streaming with an Internet connection or download the video to watch on your chosen device in a place that works for you. The accompanying PDF packets are filled with informative guidance and instruction to help you best enhance your ritual experience.  All rituals are best done with their noted and corresponding moon phase (New Moon or Full Moon). They are a magical modern way to enliven and focus your Moon Priestess power!

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Enliven and Empower your Shakti Superpowers of Womanifestation



Ripen in radiance, raise your vibration, activate your lunar luminosity.



Shed what no longer serves as you awaken and embrace the Dark Goddess within.