Dance Ritual


There once was a time when the historical roles of temple dancer, sacred artist and ecstatically embodied priestess were honored and revered.

These women shared their dance and embodiment as an offering to the community; the transmissions of divine frequency that flowed through were seen as valuable and integral aspects of a harmonious whole.

We now stand at a pivotal moment in our human evolution when so many sacred women’s roles are undergoing a vibrant reclaiming. There is a deep need on our planet for the medicine of empowered, embodied feminine expression. Sedona offers her heart-centric and soul expanding dance ritual in the ancient rites for this modern era.

Through focused intentions, meaningful movement, sacred symbology and conscious ceremonial elements Sedona shares her dance in devotion, opening her body, mind and spirit to transmit and anchor high-frequency divine source energies in embodied service. A ritual dance is a powerful addition to any conscious ceremony, gathering, festival or event.

Sedona follows her intuitive guidance and roots into her studies of temple dance, belly dance, yoga, priestess traditions and theatre arts to weave together her own synthesis of ritual offerings.



Odissi Temple Dance

Originating in the Jagannath temples of Orissa, Odissi is one of India’s 7 classical temple dances. A powerful expression of embodied devotion, Odissi is truly prayer is motion. Indian temple dance has a rich and vibrant tradition that spans back for thousands of years. In the mid to late 1800’s under the rule of the British Raj, dance in the temples was banned and albeit disappeared.

Almost 100 years later when India gained their independence, the temple dances made a resurgence, they were then codified and began to be performed and shared across the country. The dance is rooted in Vedic philosophy and Yogic discipline; it is dynamic and beautiful blend of tandavo (masculine strength and structure) and lasya (graceful feminine flow). Its is a evocative integration of gorgeous postures, mudras, shapes, symbols, foot work and floor patterns; each lovely movement is filled with meaning and devotional intent, opening the way to invoke and channel divine energy.

Sedona has traveled to India extensively over the last 5 years and studies and dances within Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra lineage. She is deeply honored to be carrying this tradition and offering this sacred dance.



Sacred Dance Ensemble

Under the direction of Sedona the Soulfire Sacred Dance Ensemble offers a modern synthesis of ancient temple arts traditions and sacred dances of the Silk Road. Through their unique and enchanting blend of Theatre Ritual and Divine Dance they dedicate their work towards the awakening of human consciousness and the realization of the Divinity within. Their embodied ceremonial offerings are specially created to honor and celebrate the beauty, magic and connectedness of life itself. Artistic alchemy divinely designed to open the heart, mesmerize the mind, delight the senses and inspire the soul.



Classic Belly Dance

The elegant, feminine and sensual art of Belly Dance is a lively and beautiful celebration of life itself! A classical belly dance performance by Sedona is a wonderful addition to weddings, parties, grand openings, and special events. Sedona can perform as a soloist, along side her dance company, and with or without the accompaniment of a professional live Arabic band.