* Belly Beauty Body * Sacred Dance Series

* Belly Beauty Body * Sacred Dance Series


~ Empowered feminine embodiment rooted in the ancient art of bellydance ~

This 9 week course is deigned to connect you with the power and joy of being in a body! 

Monday Evenings 7:00 - 9:00pm September 9th - November 4th At Shabu Studios

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For thousands of years women have experienced the healing and transformative powers of Womb Dance/Belly Dance. Like so many art forms Belly Dance has its roots in reverential and ritual worship; particularly linked to Mother Goddess and the feminine creative principle. Its is an enchanting embodied language encoded with the ancient stories of birthing, life cycles, creativity, celebration, elemental magic and divine energy.

Not only is it beautiful to behold and witness but it also works from the inside out healing, opening and enlivening both the physical and energetic bodies.

In this 9 week course we will open to the mystical power of The Dance as we align with the deeper meaning of serpents, undulations, waves, spirals, circles, infinity loops. We will embody the essence of Earth, Air, Water and Fire as we activate experiential connection and communion with the elements as the fabric of life itself. 

Every two weeks we will move through an element. Sedona will teach her Elemental Embodiment Flow associated with each element, we will also have the opportunity to make our own embodied connection to the element in freestyle and formless moving meditations. Each class will open and close with a guided meditation, associated goddess connections, sharing/integration circle and group altar building. In addition to the Form and Formless Dance flows we will also learn a spoken ritual invocation for each element as well as an embodied sequence to accompany it. 

Weeks 1 and 2 * EARTH* 

~ Grounding, Stability, Strength, Support  Sustenance ~

Foot Patterns, Heavy Hipwork, Working with Gravity,  Tribe Connection, 

Earth Invocation and Earth Goddesses

Weeks 3 and 4 *WATER*

~ Rejuvenation, Creativity, Pleasure, Flow, Sensuality, Fluidity ~

Undulations, Pelvis Spirals, Hips 8’s and Circles,  Body Waves, 

Water Invocation and Water Goddesses 

Weeks 5 and 6 *FIRE* 

~ Heat, Action, Purification, Transformation, Energy ~

Shimmies, Quick Sharp Isolations and Body Locks, Body Vibrations

Fire Invocation and Fire Goddesses

Weeks 7 and 8 *AIR*

~ Inspiration, Freedom, Expansion, Levity ~

Arms, Veil Work, Spinning, 

Air Invocation and Air Goddesses


The Belly Beauty Body embodiment practice serves as a powerful consecration and celebration of the feminine vessel. It offers an opportunity to connect with DANCE AS RITUAL and to our bodies as the most powerful INSTRUMENT OF ALCHEMY!  As we awaken to the wisdom of the elements and dance Goddess Energy into being we will naturally inhabit our bodies with more presence, confidence and joy! 

 In a safe, organic and spirited way we will conjure, cultivate and move energy building subtle strength and mobility in both body and mind. We will attune more deeply to the sacredness of our life and our bodies as we invoke our inner radiance and dance as a living expression of our INNATE BEAUTY!