Indian Fusion Bellydance Series

Indian Fusion Bellydance Series


Thursday Eves at Studio Datura 7:40 - 9:00pm Sept 5th - Oct 24th

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This intermediate dance series will explore fusing aspects of Classical Indian Dance esthetic into your Bellydance. We will cover shapes, symbology,  sculptural poses, precise postural alignments, arm pathways, foot work, mudra and dristhi (gaze/eye movements) We will discover where there is a natural conversation between Classical Indian Dance expression with the earthy form of Bellydance. We will spend time detailing and drilling various Classical Indian Dance techniques and choice embellishments, then fuse them seamlessly with Bellydance movement to create a unique and enchanting modern fusion. Although the nature of Classical Indian  dance in devotional in its intent, this will be a more technically than spiritually focused series. 

We will be working up to learning set seances that can then be put together as a danceable choreography. 

3 + years of Bellydance strongly encouraged.