In this DVD you will explore the multifaceted layers of ARTISTIC CHOREOGRAPHIC CREATION. You will be introduced to numerous dance concepts that will assist you in creating stunning and exquisite bellydance masterpieces

We will cover many helpful topics such as intention, artistic inspiration, tuning in, ground down and getting started making your own unique choreographies.

We will also be covering extremely important choreographic topics such as space and staging, formations, structure and phrasing, as well as overall troupe energetics and dynamics. You will learn exercises and combinations that will explore each of these different concepts. Additionally you will learn how to make the most of your movement and cultivate a strong sense of how contrast and dynamics can enhance your dance performance. Through these concepts you will learn to invoke a strong emotional response from your audience.

This DVD is jammed packed with creative troupe combinations and clever choreopgraphic ideas, dance combinations, techniques and concepts. This DVD also includes a bonus section with multiple helpful extras such as the choreographers checklist and energetic awareness exercises.

Whether you are a troupe or a soloist this DVD can serve as your trusted companion in crafting dance pieces of high caliber artistic expression.  

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