Temple Dance and Tantra Yoga Series **SOLD OUT**

Temple Dance and Tantra Yoga Series **SOLD OUT**


This course is sold out, please e-mail sedonasoulfire@gmail.com to be added to the waiting list.

Temple Dance and Tantra Yoga

Wednesdays Evenings 7:00 - 9:00pm May 1st - June 19th

Open to the rich and mystical realms of devotional dance, temple artistry and traditional tantra yoga. This holistic embodiment class weaves together these complimentary and supportive practices into a comprehensive class that will

* Bring Balance and Harmony to Body and Mind

* Cultivate and Circulate Life Force Energy

* Foster Sacred Expression

* Improve Posture, Poise, Alignment, Physical Strength, Flexibility and Stamina

* Invoke and Embody Spiritual Presence

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NO SEXUAL CONTENT * See Below For Clarity on This!

Temple Dance and Tantra Yoga

Wednesdays Evenings 7:00 - 9:00pm May 1st - June 19th

Each class will weave together practices and of:

Classical Indian Odissi Dance:

Originating in the Jagannath temples of Orissa, Odissi is one of India’s 8 classical temple dances. A powerful expression of embodied devotion, Odissi is truly prayer is motion. Indian temple dance has a rich and vibrant tradition that spans back for thousands of years. In the mid to late 1800’s under the rule of the British Raj, dance in the temples was banned and albeit disappeared.Almost 100 years later when India gained their independence, the temple dances made a resurgence, they were then codified and began to be performed and shared across the country. The dance is rooted in Vedic/Tanric philosophy and Yogic discipline; it is dynamic and beautiful blend of tandavo (masculine strength and structure) and lasya (graceful feminine flow). Like all Classical Indian Arts it is seen as a path to liberation and self realization, Its is an evocative integration of gorgeous postures, mudras, shapes, symbols, foot work and floor patterns; each lovely movement is filled with meaning and devotional intent, opening the way to invoke and channel divine energy.

This class will detail the opening prayer/chant, the Bhoomi Pranam (opening and closing reverential dance salutation to Divine Mother in her embodiment as Mother Earth), extensive warm-ups, supporting strengthening and conditioning exercises, Eye, Head and Body movements/technique.. All single handed and double handed Mudras, All Pada’s (foot positions) as well as the foundational postures, plus stepping, traveling movements and turns.

Charya Nritya Temple Dance:

“Charya Nritya,” translates to “dance as a spiritual discipline.” Charya Nritya is ancient ritual dance of Nepal, traditionally practiced by Vajracharya Buddist Priests as an esoteric meditation practice and temple rite. Like Odissi Dance. Yogis and yoginis perform Charya Nritya as a path of realization. The practice includes recitation of mantras, sacred songs, hasta (hand) mudras, step patterns and yogic postures. It is a moving mediation that invokes the divine presence of specified deities. Sedona has studied with Prajwal Vajracharya and will share a few of the most basic practices along with the introductory “16 Offerings to the Goddess” Dance

Tantra Hatha Yoga:

Tantra Yoga is a very ancient and traditional approach to Hatha Yoga, In addition to the focus on right aligned physical posture (asana) there is also focus on the subtle energetic body. We hold asana for longer duration of time to be able to further activate the energetic benefits of each posture. Each position and flow is associated with a chakra (energetic vortex) and the cultivation, direction and transformation of energy.

We take time to deeply interiorize within each asana inviting energetic awareness and presence.

The practice aims to bring overall balance to the solar and lunar channels of the. body, harmonize the chakras and cultivate and circulate the flow of vitalizing life energy.


Pranayama literally translates as “the expansion/increase of our vital life force” In a simple way you can think of Pranayama as breathing practices. We will work pranayama practices into our class to purify and open our bodies subtle energetic meridians and pathways and bring calm stillness to the mind. It is a prefect preparatory embodiment practice as it aids in concentration and enlivens energy.

Fusion Flows;

Sedona will create synthesized sequencing & movement combinations inspired by the aforementioned traditions as well as bellydance and sacred symbology.

This will be a well-rounded and full spectrum class as we will be working with physically embodied technical focus, esoteric and energetic awareness and sacred intent. Sedona will offer history and theory on all of the traditions she is sharing and has drawn from.

$200.00 for the 8 week course

Studio. Datura

1847 E. Burnside Portland

***Please Note I am using the term Tantra in the traditional sense, not the over-sexualized, misused and misunderstood way that it is commonly being used (especially in the West). The Tantras are ancient texts of India that lay out a system of practice and philosophy to support one in experiencing the interconnectedness of LIFE itself. Within the entirety of ALL of the Tantras only about 5 percent detail any sexual practice, and this is for highly adept practitioners. I am using the word Tantra in the true sense that we are working with our energy to bring more balance and harmony into our bodies and lives. I personally am an advocate of sacred sexuality and uninhibited sexual expression/exploration and healing rooted in love and integrity, this however is not Tantra nor what the content of this class is about***